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Changes Have Arrived!
Reckz 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Nov 2014
                As some of you may already know, we as a leadership have decided to make some major changes to Velocity. The main goal is to go from a General Gaming Community to a mainly (but not completely) Competitive Gaming Community. We want Velocity to make its way into the competitive world, we have some goals in mind such as sponsors, Online tournaments, And LAN events. Here’s how we intend to do that:
Instead of the roster we previously had, we will be dividing the community into 2 groups, Competitive, and Non-Competitive.
Non-Competitive – Members who are not competitive players and have no desire to become competitive players are placed on this Roster. Members can use this list to find other Velocity members to play with. This will also allow us to track activity level so we can best keep the roster up to date. 
Competitive – Any member who is a competitive player will be placed here. The roster is divided into teams. If you are not on a team you will not be on this roster. Each team has a team leader, and up to 5 members. Members are chosen by the team leader who is chosen by Leadership. 
Ranking Structure
We as a Leadership decided that due to us being primarily comp based, we really don’t have any need for so many ranks. Therefore, we have taken out all ranks below MG. We now will have just 3 ranks below Leadership which are:
Member – A regular member who is able to play in all in-house tournaments, contests, and events (unless otherwise specified). They can use the website as a platform to meet new people, chat with other gamers, and find people to pub stomp with. Members are just as much a part of Velocity as competitive gamers are, however, they will not be required to play on a comp team.
Competitive Player – A Competitive Player must be on one of the official Velocity comp teams (Approved by Leadership). They are eligible to play in all in-house tournaments, contests, and events.  They get a special tag to signify their rank. Competitive Players must be active on their team. They can be removed from a team if they are not active by either leadership or their Team Captain.
Team Captain – A Team Captain is chosen by leadership, they must be active on the website, active on Xbox, and active in the community. Team Captains are able to choose their own comp team members (with leadership approval). They must have some experience with comp or at least be willing to learn. Team Leaders find the matches on GB or other tournament websites. They organize practices and scrims for their team. They have control over their own roster (with leadership approval). They are eligible to play in all in-house tournaments, contests, and events.         
General Rules 
(If you have any questions that are not covered below please ask a member of Leadership.)
(All existing rules apply as well.)
                General Member Rules –
·         No excessive profanity, especially if directed at other members
·         Remember as members of Velocity you are representatives of Velocity, so please be mature in games and show people that we are not just a bunch of rude and annoying squeakers.
·         You must listen to leadership. If you have a problem with something, you may come and respectively approach leadership with any suggestions, complaints, or questions you may have.
·         You must be active on the website, this is for your sake as much as ours simply because we post all our information on it and we need to keep you up to date. If you do not go on the website at least once a week you will be warned, then if you do not login once a week after that you will be removed from Velocity.
·         No spamming the forums
Competitive Player/Team Rules –
·         Teams must be approved by Leadership
·         You may request to become a team leader, however, Leadership has the right to say no
·         Team Captains must submit their team name and roster to leadership  
·         Teams MUST PLAY a minimum of 8 GB/MLG matches a month. If this quota is not met, Leadership may disband the team. If you have a good reason, you may talk to leadership about overlooking that month’s quota.
·         All decisions and roster made by the team leader can be overruled by leadership.
·         Teams MUST be honest on tournament websites. For example, if you lose a match, you can not dispute. You have to report honestly the match scores.
·         Team members, as well as the team leader must be active on the team or they will be removed.

We, as leadership, are excited about these changes, and they will be put into place as soon as possible. If you guys have any questions about these changes or our direction, please message one of our members of leadership.

16th Nov 2014 Noble (Banned)
I'm sorry about Infamous. But Its awesome to hear the Velo is going in the right direction.
15th Nov 2014 Velo x Rushher
Great to hear! but RIP Infamous! ;( good luck in the future!
15th Nov 2014 Ixq Unknown pxI
Great! Sorry to hear you leave, Infamous.
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