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History of Velocity

The History of Velocity

Velocity first started back in IG (Iconik Gaming) with the original members being Infamous, AG Legend, Corrupt and Innocent. From there Infamous was appointed Team Captain as circumstances changed and a member had to withdraw. We then recruited a few others with subs but Infy felt he was pressured by others so he decided to disband the team. When IG fell, DC (Defcon Gaming) was formed and Velocity was back!!! This time stronger and better than ever. Infy met Connor (Blunt/Torment) and formed DC Velocity the best 2v2 partnership in the community, beating everybody who dared challenge them. They quickly showed they were top and were staying that way. A short time later Saint (Carnage) joined the team and was ripping it up in league play showing master ranks who was boss!

When DC fell it came to Infamous' attention that there were two paths to take, join some other crappy community with no competitive dominance, or make his own. So from there, Velocity eXtreme Gaming was formed, and here we are. Aiming to go the extra mile in competitive gaming, but also have a fun, laid back approach for all members.

Infamous' History in Competitive:

I have been in several competitive teams, ranging back to COD 4 and everything in between Black Ops 2. I have been Team Captain of all teams I've been involved in. I have coached a handful of known players in the community, and have never been beaten within IG or DC as part of a team or solo. I've been in several MLG teams most being Top 3 in the EU ladder as well as being crown holders many times.

Reckz's History in Competitive:

I was involved in competitive teams dating back to Call of Duty 4. I got noticed as a good player while playing public matches against a team who recruited me and ultimately got me hooked on Gamebattles. I ended up playing Gamebattles all the way up to Black Ops 2 on many top teams, with many top players. My highlights being the Captain of a team called Vintage, where we played both Cod 4 and Modern Warfare 2. Our best season record being on MW2 going 156-16 in the Winter Season when the game first came out. And splitting $3000 in Online Tournament prize winnings. I stepped away from playing competitively online because I needed to focus on getting my college degree and working. But I will forever support the competitive scene.

Gunning's History in Competitive:

I have been in several competitive teams dating back to Black Ops 1.  I started out as a very casual player just playing GB’s occasionally. As time went on I started playing more and more competitively. I have led several teams and have coached several players. I was Competitive Director in HEROxGaming and more recently in Defcon Gaming.  I look forward to Advanced Warfare Comp.

Torment's History in Competitive:

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